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Garage Door Maintenance

Booking garage door maintenance in White Rock, British Columbia, takes a message to our company. Or, a phone call. Choose your way to contact our team and learn all you want to know about maintenance, the process, the cost, the regular programs.

Yes, you may turn to Garage Door Repair White Rock BC if you want to schedule the service this time alone but also if you like to sign up for an occasional plan.

It makes sense to say that the lifespan of garage doors is long and their performance is better when they are maintained regularly. Problems – those that occur due to wear, don’t stand a chance of growing. They are caught and fixed since the garage door is inspected and maintained regularly. The effects of the service are also good when maintenance is performed by techs with expertise in garage door troubleshooting and such jobs. And with us, you don’t worry about anything.

Garage Door Maintenance White Rock

In White Rock, garage door maintenance – the main steps

If you like to book – for your White Rock garage door – maintenance, our company is here for you. We are ready to answer questions, offer a quote, and send a pro whenever it’s suitable for you. Whether you like to schedule for a regular program or want maintenance this one time, the service includes several steps and is carried out with ultimate diligence and professionalism.

  •          Garage door inspection – all parts are checked, from the opener and the rollers to the tracks and the cables.
  •          Debris removal – all parts are also cleaned. There’s often dirt in the rails. Lubricant residues are also removed.
  •          The techs run some tests – they test the garage door balance, the spring tension, the force, the travel limits.
  •          Garage door adjustment – depending on what they find, the techs may need to do several adjustments – for example, on the safety sensors, the garage door, the travel limits.
  •          Hardware tightening – loose hardware and fasteners are tightened as required.
  •          Lubrication maintenance – the moving parts are lubricated with a high-quality product.

Contact our team to book garage door maintenance service

These are the main steps of the garage door maintenance service. Briefly, all parts are checked and fixed as required. Dirt is cleaned and lubricants are applied. Of course, not all garage doors are the same. But the techs have the training to accurately and thoroughly maintain all types of garage doors and openers. To get the best results, choose us. When it’s suitable for you to book garage door maintenance, White Rock’s best team will send a tech to your home. Contact us.